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When deadlines approach and perfection is your goal, finding a second pair of eyes to polish your work is critical to a great first and lasting impression of your communications. Focus First Proofreading provides premium quality, professional English↔︎French proofreading, editing, and translation services that are error-free, efficiently processed and affordably priced.

Focus First Proofreading guarantees secure and confidential service for all your professional, personal, academic or creative projects. We will ensure that any job, large or small, will be completed on time and within budget.

Examples of what we proofread, edit and translate include: newsletters, websites, marketing collateral, presentations, business plans, press releases, advertising copy, résumés, cover letters, blog posts, speeches, letters, research papers, essays, books and scripts.

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English ↔︎French

Proofreading involves a line-by-line analysis of your document to correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, verb tense, syntax and general formatting. We proofread English and French content including professional, personal, academic or creative documents.


English and French

Our editing services range from copy editing for syntax and sentence structure to more in-depth editing for content flow, organization and style. Your editor will review the document thoroughly to identify inconsistencies and awkward sentences and recommend corrections.


English ↔︎French

Translation services include English to French or French to English translation, minor translation revisions, and French-English content and meaning comparison. Focus First Proofreading will provide bilingual review services that include the detailed examination of the translated text as well as the original content and make adjustments to ensure the clarity and flow of the message.

Who We Are

Focus First Proofreading was established to meet the ongoing needs of businesses, academics and individuals as the emphasis on clear, concise and error-free communication becomes imperative. Sophie Godon provides that valuable second set of eyes to each project, which creates a final product you can be proud of.

Focus First Proofreading CEO

Focus First Proofreading CEO, Sophie Godon


Sophie has had the pleasure of serving such corporate clients as: Microsoft Canada, Fidelity Investments, SDS Linguistics and Manulife Financial.

Fidelity Investments
SDS Lingustics
Manulife Financial

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